• First Prize. B/W. Fete E. Image Sous Marine & Enviorment. Strasbourg. (F)
  • First Prize B&W. VII National Underwater photo contest, 1985
  • Best B&W creative photography award. 2nd Best B&W photographic collection. X International underwater photography contest, 1988
  • Best photographic collection, Air Sport F.A.C. 1998
  • Second prize RACE-AVION REVUE MAGAZINE photography contest, 1989
  • Second prize International Contest, Photo Sport 1990.
  • First Prize, I National Sport Photography contest " EL MUNDO DEL DEPORTE ", 1990
  • Sub-Champion of Spain by Teams, UW photo contest, 1993
  • First Prize, XIII International Biennial Sport photography. Fotosport – 94
  • Best collection Award Sport Adventure. Harry's Trophy 1994
  • Second prize Standard category and 3rd prize wide angular category. I Inter. Contest BORNEO SHOT OUT-94. (Malaysia).
  • Spanish national champion underwater photography 1994. Individual and Teams
  • Best Collection, V Sport photo contest Amurrio (Alava)
  • Third Prize, I Nikon-Italy and Sub Magazine contest, 1995
  • First prize, Spanish Team, Underwater photo championship, 1995
  • Third Prize. SUBIOS-95. Seychelles
  • Bronze medal creative photography category, underwater photography World Championship 1996
  • Macro, second Prize, I SIGMA 96.
  • Second Prize NIKON 96 International Contest
  • Second Prize. III Science & Nature photography contest. University of Leon, 1997
  • Three medals and J.Albuquerque Trophy, CMAS "50 judges" International Contest, 1997
  • Second Prize, High Tatras Festival (Slovak), 1997
  • Sub champion, Master Fotosub, 1999
  • Second Prize, III International Biennial. Audiovisual Esportiva, 1999
  • Bronze Grouper. International week of underwater image, 2001
  • Golden SISA. Atlantic Underwater Image Week, 2003
  • Wildlife Photographer of the year. B&W Winner. 2008.
  • Winner. Ocean Views. 2009. (USA)
  • Finalist. Foto-Nikon (09, 10,11)



The underwater photo manual, called "MANUAL DE FOTOGRAFÍA SUBACUÁTICA. SECRETOS DE UN CAMPEÓN", being the first underwater press conference and the first underwater book launch, is officially recorded in the Guinness World Records.

Risck - Marca World Record Guinness de Carlos Virgili Ribé.